A B O U T   M E

Who Am I?

I am a tea drinker, a fitness enthusiast, a student of philosophy, an amateur music critic, and a creator who hopes to share stories with the world.

I grew up in the UK, and studied in China, Russia, and America.

Being part of the creative process allows me to enjoy discovering the many venues, which creativity can take us to. I invite you to have a dig around my site. You’ll explore my passions, style, and everything that makes up my creative story.


*   *   *

Katusha Jin is a New York–based director, writer, and producer from the U.K. 


 She is a cofounder of Art Avenue Productions, and although is primarily known for her film work, she has worked in the theatre and editorial scenes too. 


 Katusha is trilingual and grew up in a multicultural environment, which cultivated her interest in researching the effects of cultural identity, parenting, and education on mental health. 


 Although professionally she is a filmmaker and journalist, in her free time she enjoys participating in art exhibitions, produces music, records voice overs, and takes part in improv comedy.